“READiscovery / LIBRARY” Interactive Multimedia Exhibition

Do you remember your first library card? Was it in paper or PVC? Have you ever brought the kids to your favourite Children’s Library corner? Or have you participated in any library activities with your family? Memories of Hong Kong people are found as the hidden treasure of the libraries. Despite changes in the way we hunt, we borrow and we read with the times, Hong Kong people would always enjoy the pleasures of reading and relaxing in the public libraries through generations.


The public is invited to learn more about the Hong Kong Public Libraries’ 60 years of achievements in network and service development, through an interactive multimedia exhibition with "art-tech” to showcase the story of the public libraries, along with the transformation in reading forms, services, activities and so forth.


The interactive multimedia exhibition comprises six zones, entitled "Travel in Time", "Adventures in Succession", "The Odyssey of Collections", "Journey through the Virtual/Reality" and "Co-creation of Stories", together with "Exploration of Infinity" which is enclosed by the other five zones. The public will be able to experience the changes of the libraries and be touched by the precious memories which remind them about the good time spent in the libraries back then. It reconnects the people to the libraries as they have been standing by each other from the young ages.


There opens an era of diverse reading in the near future. No matter which reading form you prefer, physical books or e-books, you are going to embrace the joy of reading by exploring different possibilities and prospects of the upcoming libraries.


Six zones:


Travel in Time

Display various libraries in different times and districts. You can learn more about the founding years and locations of the public libraries across Hong Kong with the help of the interactive electronic light wall.


Adventures in Succession

Installation of light sculpture enables you to appreciate different architectural features, including the distinctive installations and construction details of the libraries, as if you are travelling through the Dokodemo Door.


The Odyssey of Collections

You can move your body or even dance in front of the screen to learn more about the diverse library resources with the instant display of multimedia collections of the libraries at different times.


Journey through the Virtual/Reality

Word as a medium of reading has been evolving constantly from physical books to electronic applications. You can experience both authentic and virtual reading styles when visiting the zone, and explore the system developments of the public libraries. By engaging in a journey of virtual/reality, you would have felt the passing of the years.


Co-creation of Stories

Reading is no longer a one-way communication in the future that it can be interactive and creative. By drawing in the air with gestures, interactive images will be projected on the screen instantly, allowing you to imagine further the possibilities of reading.


Exploration of Infinity  (Watch the video)

After visiting the other five zones, you can appreciate the circulating images in this “well of knowledge” and re-imagine how thoughts, stories, senses, beauty and ambience integrate with each other in delivering a complete reading experience.


By scanning the QR code on the poster, you will be able to capture and interact with the features of the exhibition through Augmented Reality.


29.10.2022 (Sat) – 20.11.2022 (Sun)


Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Central Library


Joint Organiser :  PolyU Design

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