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“It All Begins with a Word”

For internationally renowned Hong Kong media artist HUNG Keung, reading and the world of literature have been constant companions from an early age, and his love of words has inspired many of his cross-disciplinary creations to date.  In 2020, HUNG and his creative partners had joined forces to present a multifaceted reading experience online.  Drawing from famous local authors from the 1960s to 1990s, this novel take on Hong Kong writing intrepidly adds in moving image and dance to explore the essence of literary perception.

The on-site exhibition will be led by the curator and his creative team, presenting four spatially independent yet conceptually interrelated artworks.  Drawing from poetry, proses, fictions, and other texts, the four sets of video artworks will convey the essence and artistic conception of literature through elements of visual arts including moving images and choreographic interpretation.  Apart from the on-site exhibition, three sessions (with two parts each) of dance performance including CHU Chin-ching's “Rosy View of Words”, LI Tuo-kun's “Walk” and KT YAU's “Slow” will be arranged to integrate words into words.

23.10.2021 (Sat) – 24.10.2021 (Sun) and
01.11.2021 (Mon) – 02.11.2021 (Tue)
Time: 1000-2000

Date: 25.10.2021 (Mon) – 29.10.2021 (Fri)
Time: 1200-2000

Date: 30.10.2021 (Sat)
Time: 1000-1230, 1600-2000

Date: 31.10.2021 ((Sun)
Time: 1000-1230, 1700-2000
Venue: Exhibition Galleries 4 and 5, Hong Kong Central Library

On-site performances
“Rosy view of words”
Date: 30.10.2021 (Sat) and 31.10.2021 (Sun)
Time: 1400-1415
Choreographer: Ivy TSUI; Performer: CHU Chin Ching; Live Musician / Performer: Felix LOK

Date: 30.10.2021 (Sat) and 31.10.2021 (Sun)
Time: 1430-1445
Choreographer and Performer: LI Tuo-kun

Date: 30.10.2021 (Sat) and 31.10.2021 (SUN)
Time: 1500-1515
Choreographer and Performer: KT YAU, Performer: Poon Tai-ming

To tie-in with the exhibition “It All Begins with a Word”, a parent-child workshop and a sharing session will be held at the Hong Kong Central Library, creating an experience for participants to delve into the infinite possibilities of literary interpretations.  The programme will provide information on cross-media creative projects for slashers as well.

Let's Play with Inverted Chinese Characters
How do new media artists respond to a poet’s fancy about inversion and reflection? Dr Hung Keung discusses the infinite possibilities of disassembling and reassembling Chinese characters, inviting the family to join in the fun.

Date: 24.10.2021 (Sun)
Time: 1030-1200
Venue: Activity Room 1, Hong Kong Central Library

*Ticket is required for each participant.

1 Set of Characters, 100 Personalities
Words are not limited to pen strokes in writing.  There are many more possible transformations, as animation, film, interactive installation and 3-D production emerge from the many collaborations under the auspices of It All Begins with a Word.

Date: 30.10.2021 (Sat)
Time: 1545-1645
Venue: Gallery 2, Hong Kong Central Library

Thematic Exhibition on Reading for Mind.Sports for Life in North District

Venue:Sheung Shui Public Library & Fanling Public Library

Fill in the ______ Interactive Exhibition

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Central Library, and in line with the theme of the Central Library's "Imprint in two decades", a series of activities will be held in the exhibition gallery, including the "AR Interactive Exhibition" in the theme of Hong Kong Central Library – an exhibition introducing the collections that readers have limited access to, revealing the little-known side of the Hong Kong Central Library.

In design, "Feel in the _______" Interactive Exhibition reinterprets the concept of "Fill in the ___ (blank)" as "Feel in the ____ (Library)" in respect of "Sensing", "Viewing", "Happiness" and "Reading".  The exhibition welcomes the public to feel and enjoy it, with a view of encouraging further reading. The exhibition draws on the Hong Kong Central Library, with the arch-shaped entrance at the front elevation representing the "Gate of Knowledge". The geometric patterns of various circles, squares, and triangles symbolise "The Sky is round and the Earth is square" and the accumulation of knowledge. Piecing together the twelve geometric figures creates the shape of the Hong Kong Central Library. It uses yellow and blue, the primary colours from the Hong Kong Central Library, with additional orange and pink, to create attraction. In blending the twelve geometric figures, audiences could rediscover the multi-faceted library and find inspiration from within.
In a non-linear narrative, five chapters of the story are portrayed without sequential order from different perspectives. It outlines what the grandfather and grandson have seen and heard during their visits to various libraries, bringing out the rare library collections (Documents Collection Campaign Collection). Deepening the younger generation's understanding of the library and resonating with the older generation, the exhibition aims to create social inclusion as a whole.

Date: 23 Oct 2021 (Sat) – 02 Nov 2021 (Tue)
Time: 1000-2000
Venue: Exhibition Gallery 3, Hong Kong Central Library

Registration is not required, welcome all

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