Reading Quartet

I. Light and Shadow

The basic of “Light and Shadow” is to start reading with text, and then use various multimedia elements such as light and shadow to enrich the reading experience and process, and let the readers have a deeper impression and imagination on the content.

II. Innovative World

“Innovative World” brings together innovative technologies and ideas, sharing on how to integrate technology with daily life, inspiring young creative ideas, and attracting them to the library to read more books on related subjects.

III. Variety Show on Stage

“Variety Show on Stage” provides a platform for the audience to appreciate the artworks evolved from the text.  Through the performance, the audience can have a deeper understanding of the meaning of the text.  It also brings art to the community through cooperation with the Audience Building Office.

IV. Living with Books

Through different themes and different types of activities that are closely related to reading, “Living with Books” aims to cultivate the habit of reading for readers.